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About the game and team
About the game

Mechanic Miner is a 2D construction/survival game with mechanical steam-powered machines.

You are stranded on a strange and forbidding planet, where survival is made difficult by hostile animals and plant life. From your home world you did bring a multitool, which is able to craft any kind of machine part - provided the requisite raw materials can be found.

Relying solely on the technology you brought, you set out to explore a whole world. You can progress through the game by acquiring new types of steam-powered technology elements, that are necessary to delve deeper into the diverse biomes of the planet, and perhaps, ultimately, discover the means to escape.

You can construct any kind of machine of your own design - and any kind of machine can be simulated by the game's physics engine - and of course, designs can be shared with your friends.

We will be releasing Mechanic Miner quite soon on early access!
About the team

Finn Nielsen - Game Director & Programmer

I am a veteran programmer / tech lead from the danish game development industry. I worked on the original Hitman game as technical producer, after which I became head of R&D at slightly smaller danish AAA-studio Deadline Games, that did PS2 titles. More recently I have worked on danish indie hit Limbo. After that I spent some time starting a family and working for hire to bring in the rent, but the ideas for Mechanic Miner have lingered in my mind since then, and I have gradually ramped up and am now working full time on the project.

Tore 'Slaingeal' Poulsen - Art Director

Daniel 'LastVision' Carlsson - Game programmer

Josef 'jumleguf' Aarskov - Sound & Music

Kristoffer 'Needo' Einsbohr Rasmussen - Community Manager

Alexander 'Sora' Taylor - Network Engineer

Jacob 'Pucko' Reimer - Game programmer

Anders Nejsum - Admin & early Investor